Working in Retirement

May 17, 2022
If you want to work part-time in retirement, it's never been easier to find the kind of job you want. And it’s not just lower-paying, physically demanding jobs at retail stores and restaurants. With employers desperate to find workers, many are putting aside their biases against experienced and technically savvy older workers and allowing many to work at home or on their own schedules.  And if you’re still working full-time but would like to ease your workload, your company may offer a phased retirement program that lets you gradually reduce your work hours over time while still retaining your benefits. Even if you officially leave your full-time employer, you may have the opportunity to work for them part part-time or as a consultant. However, the key to remaining a coveted part-time worker is to keep up with the skills that employers find valuable, whether it’s learning new technologies and staying current with the business trends in your industry. 

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