Season 1

Women, Money and Retirement

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Special Guest Expert:

Cindy Hounsell, president of WISER (Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement)
WISER website:



  • site (for articles about retirement planning, saving and investing) Link
  • WISER’s Your Future Paycheck Calculator Link
  • site’s Ballpark E$timate Calculator Link
  • site (to estimate how long you will live) Link
  • y Savage’s new book: The Savage Truth on MoneyLink

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Season 9
Advice for glass half empty investors

Show Episode Notes

Not everyone looks at their personal financial future through rose colored glasses. In fact a recent Gallup poll shows Americans not yet retired are more worried than anytime in the past ten years. Discouraged savers who see the glass-half-empty may actually need different financial strategies just based on their outlook. We give you solid financial planning tips that can make your outlook.


Season 9
Help with Student Loan Repayments

Show Episode Notes

Learn how to lower your repayments and cut years off your loan payments w attorney and expert Rae Kaplan.

Show Episode Notes

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