The Need for Financial Advisor Apps for Older Adults

May 14, 2021
Only 17% of low and moderate-income adults aged 50 or older believe they are in good financial health, according to research from the Financial Health Network. Many of these people don’t have enough income or assets to work with a financial planner. This leaves them with many unanswered questions about how to manage their income and reduce their debts during retirement, how to choose Medicare coverage, and when they should start taking Social Security benefits. While robo-advisors can help people make smarter decisions about investing, these apps don’t address personalized financial planning advice. And while there still isn’t a single app that addresses all of these issues, there are many low-cost solutions that can address some of them, many of which also offer access to human assistance. For further research:
  • Livingto100: Use this site to estimate your life expectancy based on your
  • Albert: An online bank that also offers tools to help retirees with saving and investing plus access to human experts.
  • Silvur: Use this app to help you make smarter decisions about Medicare, Social Security, and spending during retirement.
  • Retirable: Enables retirees to create a free retirement roadmap, identify gaps, and an action plan for achieving financial peace of mind.
  • Youneedabudget (YNAB). This low-cost app helps people learn how to create a budget, and allocate their money to pay for everyday expenses, reduce debt, and save more for emergency funds and retirement.
  • National Association for Credit Counseling: This nonprofit organization provides access to counselors who can help people in debt negotiate more favorable terms with their creditors.
  • Weathramp: For those who have decided that they need professional help to solve their complex financial issues, this free service can match them a fully vetted, fee-only fiduciary financial adviser in their area.

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