Medicare and COVID

February 14, 2022

When it comes to COVID tests, vaccines and medical treatments, the way traditional Medicare Parts A and B pay for these expenses is not always clear cut. For example, right now Medicare only pays for four at-home COVID test kits that you order directly through covidtest.org. However, the Biden administration recently announced that in early spring Medicare will cover the costs of eight free test kits per month, the same number covered by private health insurers. Medicare covers the full costs of vaccines and boosters and the costs of having a healthcare professional administer the vaccine in your home. And if you get infected and need medical treatment in a hospital, Medicare Part A will cover hospital-related costs but you’ll still be responsible for any deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance. In some situations, Medicare might cover some home care costs related to COVID-19 but the rules are complicated. And traditional Medicare offers limited coverage for telehealth services. That’s why if you’re not sure of what is and isn’t covered contact the Medicare administration or your State Health Insurance Assistance Program.

For further research: 

  • Covidtests.gov: Order your four free at-home COVID test kits here.  
  • Medicare.gov: The official Medicare web site.
  • Shiphelp.org: Use this site to find contact information for State Health Insurance Assistance Program consultants in your location.

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