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How to downsize your home and reduce financial stress

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If you’re thinking about moving to a smaller home, you may want to begin this process by figuring out what you need to keep and what you can get rid of. In this episode, David Ekerdt, a sociology professor at Kansas University and author of Downsizing: Confronting our Possessions in Later Life, reveals that many older people find this process to be a major source of tension and emotional duress, especially if they have a short timeframe for getting rid of things. Often their children and grandchildren aren’t interested in taking their china, silverware or furniture. Or no wants to buy the collectibles and artwork they thought would bring in a small fortune. Or the charities they’d like to donate things to are overly picky. A process that they thought would be done quickly can sometimes takes months. To lessen this stress, parents should invite their children to either “claim” or take items they want long before they plan to move to a different location. The earlier they shed the things they no longer need, the less they’ll have to deal with later on.

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Annuities for Retirement Income

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Mention the word “annuity” and most investors recoil. There seem to be so many hidden secrets and costs.  And high pressure sales tactics along with "free dinners."

In today’s podcast we unravel those mysteries – with the one man who has consistently worked to educate the public to the ins and outs of annuities – as well as some of the better uses of these insurance company contracts.  Stan Haithcock’s website – -- is a great resource for free basic information and good advice on annuities.  And Stan is one of the most entertaining financial speakers you’ll ever meet.

So, sit back and enjoy our podcast.  We devote special attention to Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGAs), now yielding over 5.5%.  They’re the insurance industry’s version of a bank CD, without the FDIC backing.  And they are a great way to improve yields either inside or outside your IRA.

To read more about MYGAs, here’s a link to Terry’s column on the subject:

And if you’d like to listen to more of Stan’s terrific approach to financial markets, both Terry and Pam have recently joined him on HIS podcast.  You’ll find the links to these conversations here:

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