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COVID-19, Money Advice for the Pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented global healthcare, economic and personal financial crisis. The risks are magnified for those approaching retirement, who face a higher risk of infection, loss of income, and a steep drop in the value of their retirement savings. In this special edition of Friends Talk Money, Richard, Pam and Terry serve up advice and insights about what’s going on with stimulus checks, and how to stay solvent and avoid making bad decisions during these trying times.



  • To track your stimulus payment: Link
  • Stimulus Checks and Care Act Changes — Everything You Need to Know: Link
  • To find a fiduciary fee-only financial advisor: Link
  • For getting health insurance after a job loss: Link

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  • 3 Ways the COVID-19 Stimulus Law May Help Your Financial Problems: Link
  • Ways to Bolster Your Finances Due to the Coronavirus: Link
  • How to Get Health Insurance After a Job Loss: Link

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